1.   I am not very confident in deep water and have always been a little bit scared to try scuba diving, do you think I will be ok to SNUBA?

Yes. The great thing about SNUBA is that you can participate at your own level of comfort; 2m, 4m, 6m, it’s your choice!  However, if you are nervous or uncomfortable, we recommend you take a private SNUBA tour so that you have the full attention and coaching of your professional guide 100% of the time.  Alternatively if you are not comfortable in deep water at all, we recommend taking a private snorkel tour.


2.   What experience is required to try SNUBA?

No scuba certification, no previous diving experience or even snorkeling experience is required. You need only be over 8 years of age, comfortable in deep water and a desire to explore underwater.


3.   Do I have to equalize my ears?

Yes. Anytime you go under the water the pressure increases. Even when traveling in an airplane or diving in a swimming pool, you have to equalize. Do not worry though, it is very easy to do and your SNUBA Guide will completely explain this to you during the briefing.


4.   How deep can I dive with SNUBA?

The depth is limited by the length of the air lines, which allow you to dive to a maximum depth of 6 metres.


5.   Will I be with a guide?

Always. Every guided tour is conducted by a certified, professional guide. Your guide will be with you during the entire adventure and share with you the knowledge they have gained about marine life and the reef ecosystem. Most importantly, your guide will be there for your safety and to provide an entertaining underwater experience.


6.   Are there any sharks?

We cannot guarantee that there are no sharks in the ocean. We can tell you, however, that the chances of seeing a shark are very rare. The owner of Port Noarlunga SNUBA has been diving here for over 15 years and has never seen a shark at Port Noarlunga.


7.   What if the weather is bad?

As with all outdoor activities we are at the mercy of the weather.  If the the wind is coming from the South West and is greater than 15 knots it is possible guided tours and hire of snorkeling equipment will be cancelled for your own safety.  In this event, you will be contacted as soon as possible to reschedule (depending upon availability) or offered a full refund.  Port Noarlunga SNUBA uses Willy Weather to check the forecast.


8.   Can I participate if I have a pre-existing medical condition?

Everyone is different and the severity of medical conditions can vary. Please review the Participant Record & Liability Release form prior to the tour. If you answer “yes” to some of the medical questions it does not mean that you cannot participate in a SNUBA tour. Please phone Port Noarlunga SNUBA to discuss the matter and depending on the circumstance it may be necessary to have it cleared by a physician.


9.   Is it cold? Should I wear a wetsuit?

It is highly recommended that you wear a wetsuit. Even on a sunny day, if you are under the water for longer than 20 minutes you will start to get cold.  It is also good for sun protection.


10.  What if I do not like it when I get in the water? Do I have to pay if I was only in the water for a short while?

Yes. Port Noarlunga SNUBA will provide all the services and expertise to ensure you have the best possible experience.


11.  Can I supply my own equipment for a guided tour?

Yes, you can bring your own mask, fins and wetsuit but they must meet the prior approval of the guide before using. Please note, there is no price reduction for a guided tour when supplying your own equipment.


12.  I want my children to try but I am too scared to go with them, can they go without me?

Yes. Even though SNUBA and snorkeling is very easy to do and an amazing experience to share with those in your family, it is possible for a minor to go without the parent or guardian. In order for a minor to participate, a parent or guardian must complete, sign and agree to the terms on the Participant Record & Liability Release form, and must be present on shore during the entirety of the tour.

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