What to expect?

Please allow approximately 2 hours for a SNUBA tour from start to finish.

A typical SNUBA tour consists of the following:


Check in and Briefing:

  • Meet on the beach at Port Noarlunga where the marquee is located
  • Tours begin with general introductions,  and then your professional SNUBA Guide will give you a short safety briefing followed by the completion of the Participant Record & Liability Release form
  • Next, you will be provided with your optional wetsuit, (this is recommended as the water gets cold after you have been under for longer than 20 minutes, even if it is a sunny day)
  • Followed by an explanation and correct fitting of your SNUBA equipment (mask, fins, SNUBA harness and weight belt)
  • When everyone is ready you will walk down to the end of the pier where you will meet your SNUBA Guide at the water entry point


Water Entry:

  • To enter the water, you will descend several easy entry/exit stairs
  • Following the instructions of your SNUBA Guide, you will be given time to get comfortable in the water
  • When ready, under full supervision of your SNUBA Guide at your own level of comfort you can try descending underwater
  • Once all participants are comfortable you will begin your underwater tour
  • Your SNUBA Guide will be with you every step of the of the way


Underwater Tour:

  • The underwater portion of the tour is about 30 to 40 minutes (the air cylinders have more than enough air for this tour duration)
  • After your SNUBA dive, you will exit the water via the same stairs, and head back to the marquee on the beach


What can I see?


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